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Amanecer en Ancón y madrugar en Cajaíba (13’34’’, 2021-22)

This work is a sonic cartography is the confluence of two different ancestral fisherpeople bays. Both places are traditionally the land and water of fisherpeople communities and are threated by pollution (oil spills) and industrial megaprojects for development. Ancón, on the Pacific coast of Peru, and Cajaíba, in the Atlantic coast of Brazil. Converging documentation and performance with experimental field recording techniques, this piece maps the trajectory of the tides, subterranean waters, rains, drains, and clouds, that cross from the Pacific coast through the Andes towards the Mata Altántica. This sonic cartography traces the movement from Ancón to Cajaíba in one solar revolution. It was shown in the ¡Escuchatón! vol 2 organized by the Comunidad Peruana de Música Nueva, where it toured Peru in a series of in-person listening marathons in Lima, Cusco, Trujillo, and Huancayo.

Listening available here:

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