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Attuning (detuning and retuning the self)


Attuning (detuning and retuning the self) is an experiment in collaborative composition and performance. Beginning with a score for a duo of voices based on subtle and intersecting pitch modulations, Carolyn Hietter and I held weekly rehearsals in which we would each bring and workshop a stratum onto the score. The score builds itself as we build ourselves and our self. Attuning to our togetherness, detuning into our individuality, and retuning into the piece –an exercise in pitch modulation weaves its further material and spatial dimensions. From the unit of pitch we work our way out into movement and back into ourselves, then again into costumes and back into self-analysis from which emerges choreography and staging that delve back inwards, outwards, extending into an acoustic field of resonance and feedback. 

Vered Engelhard and Carolyn Hietter - composition, voice, movement, bells, and feedback

This piece was performed in the Siegel Theatre of CUNY Graduate Center, as part of Performing Knowledge. December 2019.

Images by Donald Borenstein

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