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Below a list of selected published writings, with respective links when available online

Sonic Cartography in the Rímac Watershed: On the Contemporaneity of a Pre-Columbian Acoustic Ecology, Border Listening/Escucha Liminal #2. Radical Sounds Latin America. Berlin. November 2021.

Tectonic plates meeting (co-authored as WeMe), The Brooklyn Rail. November 2021.


Del aquí al allí: Una serie de desvíos sobre mapas y sonidos acompañando el lanzamiento de Todos los faros de la costa peruana, Centro del Sonido. Lima. May 2021. 

Comunicado en transición permanente (Confesiones para con This too shall pass), in “ Cuadernillo MASM nº1 – 2020
This too shall pass” Museo de Arte – Centro Cultural de San Marcos. May 2021.

Existir Pirata: hacia una ley de perspectiva no-binaria en la obra de Sandra Salazar, Mañana. Lima. October 2020.


Amend the Arena: On Adrian Piper’s Work, in “Researching and Writing About Contemporary Arts and Artists”London: Palgrave. July 2020.


O movimento reticular de Coreogego: rumo a uma ética da forma, in “GEGO: A Linha Emancipada” Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (MASP). January 2020.   


1973 By Transparency: Christian Wolff and Pauline Oliveros, Kunstmuzik vol 18. Berlin. Spring 2019.


Metakosmia: To Perform in a Vacuum, Vacuum vol I. Columbia University GSAPP. New York. Spring 2019.


Yasi Alipour: As Dreams, The Brooklyn Rail. June 2019.

Meditations Through a State in Emergency: Reading the Origins of Totalitarianism, Columbia Law Blog. Fall 2018.

The Becoming-Nietzsche, Columbia Law Blog. Fall 2018.


Abraham Cruzvillegas: Autoreconstrucción, Hyperallergic. April 2018.

Jorge Eduardo Eielson’s Haptic Intuition, in “EIELSON” Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI). January 2018.    

La intuición háptica de Jorge Eduardo Eielson, en "EIELSON" Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI). Enero 2018.   


What Erupts and What Matters: On Yvonne Rainer’s Films, The Brooklyn Rail. July 2017.


David Michalek: SlowDancing/TrioA, The Brooklyn Rail. June 2017.


Blanca Varela, Three Poems in Asymptote. Summer 2017.


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