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Mapeo sonoro colectivo en T’oqokachi: Movimiento, testimonio y escucha amplificada (San Blas, Cusco, 25.06.2022)


Before colonization, the neighborhood of San Blas was known as T’oqokachi, named like that for the subterranean salt caves present in the place. In this workshop, we connected with the different subterranean and historical dimensions of the place from our ability of experiencing and intervening in it. This was a mapping workshop from sonic habitation. We experimented different techniques of sonic registering in movement and with amplified hearing. We considered out own voice and sounds of our bodies as constitutive parts of the ecology of the city, developing thus, sonic registers as forms of intervention. We attended song and testimony as ways of giving a frame and a legend to the acoustic ecology of the place. Parting from the waka (ancestral stone-deity) of Mama Qaqa (or huaca Mesa Redonda), we each moved into different parts of the neighborhood. Our interventions were like the lines of a map that articulates a shared sense of the territory.


This workshop was developed in collaboration with the local artists collective Asimtria within the frame of their year-long so festival PUMPUMYACHKAN, dedicated to the sharing of knowledges around audiovisual and sound technologies, exploring the themes of territory, memory, and localized cultures.


Images by Marco Valdivia Pacheco

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