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Canto Villano is informed by a deep exploration of the ethical and technical possibilities of field recording as an active intervention in the territory. Performances are structured with field recordings from the place where it is taking place, tracing the relationship of a given performance space to its watershed. While recording across the watershed, I have developed a technique of recording based on movement, song, and voice. Through these elements, I am able to respectfully approach the territory where I am recording, with consciousness of its history. While performing, I weave these registers with live percussion with stones (which I collect from all the watersheds I go to), Andean flute, and expanded singing and voice techniques with a pututo or conch shell trumpet. The latter is an ancestral instrument from the Andes that historically connects the ocean with the mountain peaks. 

Below are links to recorded material available for listening.

In the tabs you can find documentation of selected performances.

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