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Since 2020, I have been an active member of the Asociación de Siembra y Cosecha de Agua (ASYCA), an association dedicated to the collaborative design of water sowing and harvesting initiatives in close collaboration with communities in the region of Huarochirí, in the Peruvian Andes. Water sowing and harvesting is an ancestral technology of water management that is native to the Andean region. Utilizing stone and adobe, as well as native plants, key interventions are made in particular parts of the mountain for retaining and infiltrating water. ASYCA's design projects are grounded in communal workshops, with a proposal that empowers already existing forms of organization present in communities, and point to a horizon of cultural affirmation.The president of ASYCA is a senior water sower and harvester from the community of San Pedro de casta, Gregorio Ríos, and rest of the association is an interdisciplinary team of Peruvian professionals, making it the only organization such to operate in the region. In the following tabs you can find more about the workshops, which I co-organized.

For updates on ASYCA's activities, follow on social media:

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